About Us

The Fort Frances Family Health Team has been part of healthcare in Fort Frances since 2007. Services started with one Nurse Practitioner, now we have grown into an expanded team of inter‑professional healthcare providers.
Partners in Lifetime Wellness


To provide inclusive, quality health care that is innovative, informed by community need and above all patient centered
Quality patient care; accountability; integrity; transparency; collaboration
Our Team

The Fort Frances Family Health Team is governed by a Board of Directors made up of community volunteers, including representatives from the Fort Frances Physician’s Group. Through dedication and hard work, they ensure the FF FHT’s programs and services meet the healthcare needs.

Group of nurses hands together in a solidarity circle.
Clinical Team

Nurse Practitioners
Sandra Ottertail
Paula Stringer
Jennifer Johnson

Registered Nurse
Stephanie Berger
Emily Kaun

Registered Practical Nurse
Margaret Van Drunen

Chelsea Leslie

Health Promoter
Barb Kabel

Clinical Assistant
Katherine Sinfield

Administration Team

Executive Director
Gerri Yerxa

Office Administrator
Tara Tolley

Senior Clerks
Chelsea Barron
Kristina Bragg

Board of Directors

Ann Anderson

Wendy Brunetta

Janet Lambert
Elizabeth Clark
Jim Cumming
Clint Calder
Sheila McMahon
Laura Bruyere
Doug Kitowski
Ken Perry

Fort Frances Physician’s Group Representatives
Dr. V. Patel
Dr. M. Ruppenstein